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Healthy Burger

We all love a burger and they come in many forms, some a lot healthier than others! Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or meat eater, this months ArmyEats competition theme wants you to create your favourite burger. Burgers can be simple and quick to make and home made burgers are often very healthy too. So lets see your best burger.

It's not all about the beef... what about a classic chicken breast burger, minty lamb burger, turkey mince, or even a fish burger? Don't forget the vegetarian options can also be just as satisfying: how about a smoky chipotle field mushroom burger, chargrilled cauliflower steak burger, halloumi and sweet chilli or a traditional mixed bean burger packed with spices.

We are looking to see a healthy and bursting with flavour burger, so get as creative as you can with your toppings and fillings, as these are a great opportunity to add extra nutrition in. Avocados, beetroots, herb filled salsas, as well as the classic tomato and lettuce can help you get your 5 a day all inside one burger bun.

If you need some inspiration, watch the video below...

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